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How soon will I see an improvement in eye-hand coordination?

If a player practices 30-60 minutes a day for 5 to 7 days they will see an increase in eye-hand coordination performance.

What if my machine breaks or stops working?

We have a 2 year warranty that if the unit stops working and we will replace it free of charge.

Can I pick up any mini balls that I miss and reuse them?

Yes, however, we recommend that dry mini balls be dusted off before reuse. We do not recommend reusing wet mini balls.

Will the biodegradable balls damage wood or metal bats?

The balls are made out of clay and break on impact. They do not damage metal bats, however they may leave a small indentation on wood bats.

Will my player/son/ daughter get better at hitting the ball by just using your machine?

Yes, by using the HIT THEM ALL to improve their eye-hand coordination, and focusing on their stance they will improve their batting performance.

Can anyone get hurt using your machine?

The HIT THEM ALL pitches the mini balls at a low speed that will not hurt a person who may accidently step in front of the machine.

Can my child choke on the balls?

Yes, this product is not for children under 8 years of age. Our mini ball packaging comes with a choking hazard warning label.

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