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At FLE-INNOVATIONS we strive every day to create, invent and reinvent better training solutions. Whether it's baseball or softball, we are constantly improving how to train the minds and bodies of ball players to become ultimate athletes.  We started with the famous HIT THEM ALL™, but we don't plan on stopping there.


A little bit about how the HIT THEM ALL™ grew from an idea into reality…


The HIT THEM ALL™ came to me like a seed, or in this case a chickpea. I grew up hitting chickpeas in my backyard to help train my eye-hand coordination. Over the years, I began envisioning a different kind of pitching machine, one that could pitch small, chickpea-size balls. A pitching machine players could use anytime and anywhere with enough room to swing a bat. An alternative to typical pitching machines that are too big and too heavy to bring to a field, take too much time to set up, need two people to operate, plus players have to pick up the balls after practice.

I decided it was time to bring my vision to life.


The HIT THEM ALL™ was designed to improve eye hand coordination, increase batting average and boost confidence. Not only is it portable, lightweight and easy to use, the biodegradable balls break on impact so players spend more time hitting balls and less time retrieving them.


HIT THEM ALL™ is for players across the world, from little league to high school, college to professional. My goal is that the HIT THEM ALL™ will be used by baseball and softball players everywhere to help them achieve their Goals and Dreams.   

Me holding bat 2.JPG


Felix Fernandez, owner of FLE-INNOVATIONS and inventor of the world’s smallest pitching machine the HIT THEM ALL™. 

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