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Benefits of Mini Ball Training

Mini ball training is the true essence of Eye-Hand coordination. Our mini balls are 90% smaller than a baseball. They are by far the smallest  projectiles to come out of an automatic pitching machine.

•Enhances Focus
•Vision Drills  
•Better Pitch Recognition 
•Eye-Hand Coordination
•Control Strike Zone
•Build Confidence 
•Plate Discipline 
•Reaction Time
•Control •Mechanics


No one to practice with? No problem HIT THEM ALL is so convenient you can practice anywhere you can swing a bat.


HIT THEM ALL includes a remote control so coaches and players can pause the action to deliver quick Pro tips.

Home Run


Baseball requires a lot of focus and reaction time. The HIT THEM ALL™ challenges the mind to stay sharp and to adapt to any pitch.


Softball players usually practice with baseballs because they are smaller. HIT THEM ALL™ mini balls takes Eye-Hand coordination to a whole new level.  

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